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Articles of EUGIN

INTERNATIONAL NOT FOR PROFIT ASSOCIATION THE EUROPEAN GROUP OF INSTITUTES OF NAVIGATION (EUGIN) ARTICLES Last updated: 22 FEBRUARY 2005   CHAPTER I: TITLE – OBJECTIVES – REGISTERED OFFICE – DURATION  Article 1 Title The Association is called in English “The European Group of Institutes of Navigation.” The European Group of Institutes of Navigation shall be known […]


About EUGIN According the Articles of Association: EUGIN is a non-profit-making international Association. Its objectives are: To initiate and support actions assisting in the development of pan European policies and strategies in the general fields of navigation and traffic management; To participate in study works initiated by the European authorities; To foster co-operation and information […]

Resilient PNT Forum 14 April 2014

The European Navigation Conference (ENC 2014) will be held 15 – 17 April in the World Trade Center in Rotterdam. A Forum on Resilient Positioning, Navigation and Timing (PNT) will be held on the afternoon of Monday 14 April 2014, immediately preceding the Conference in the same venue.

The background to the event is the increasing reliance on Global Navigation Satellite Systems in all transport sectors and for essential infrastructure throughout Europe and internationally. The need to ensure resilience of systems, particularly for safety of life and commercially sensitive applications is driving interest in methods for improving robustness of systems to interference and the need for integrity monitoring and authentication methods.