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Honorary members

  CESMA – Confederation of European Shipmasters Associations Wassenaarseweg 2, 2596CH, The Hague, The Netherlands, Tel: +31-703836176 – Fax +31-703835911 E-mail:,  Website: CESMA was founded in 1995. President: Capt. W-V. Von Pressentin, Secretary General: Capt. F.J. Van Wijnen, CESMA  represents fifteen shipmasters’ associations, as well as a number of individual members, in twelve European Union and future […]

Executive members

  Deutsche Gesellschaft für Ortung und Navigation (DGON) Kölnstraße 70, 53111 BONN, Germany Tel. +49 228 20197.0 – Fax +49 228 20197.19 Web site: Formed in 1951 in Düsseldorf. Registered non-profit making association. President: Prof. Carlos JAHN Director: Dipl.-Ing. Galina LANGE DGON participates in the European Journal of Navigation.   Institut Français de Navigation […]

Archive of Documents

MINUTES OF THE EUGIN COUNCIL MEETINGS 2023 2023_05_30_EUGIN_Agenda_Council_General_Assembly Securing The Future of the EUGIN European Navigation Conference Securing The Future of EUGIN EUGIN Balance Sheets of 2021, 2022, 2023 2022 2022_06_23_EUGIN_Agenda_Council_General_Assembly 2022_06_23_EUGIN_Minutes_Council_General_Assembly_FINAL 2021 EUGIN_Council_GA_agenda_Edinburgh 2021_10_EUGIN_Report_on_Admin_Issues 20210617 Services Agreement BoldLAW (Obsolete) 2021_11_15_EUGIN_MeetingMinutesExtract_DRAFT (Obsolete) 2021_11_15_EUGIN_Minutes_General_Assembly_FINAL 2021_11_15_EUGIN_Minutes_Council_FINAL 2020 EUGIN_Council_agenda_Skype EUGIN_Bal_2019_2020 2019118 Proposal for EUGIN by BoldLAW IIN Official […]


About EUGIN According the Articles of Association: EUGIN is a non-profit-making international Association. Its objectives are: To initiate and support actions assisting in the development of pan European policies and strategies in the general fields of navigation and traffic management; To participate in study works initiated by the European authorities; To foster co-operation and information […]