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EUGIN Conferences

European Conferences were held in:


As the Conference on Differential Satellite Navigation Systems (DSNS):

1991  Braunschweig (DGON)

1993  Amsterdam (NIN)

1994  London (RIN)


As the European Navigation Conference on Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS-ENC):

1995  Bergen, Norway (NNF)

1996  St Petersburg, Russia (RIRT)

1997  Munich, Germany (DGON)

1998  Toulouse, France (IFN)

1999  Genoa, Italy (IIN)

2000  Edinburgh, UK (RIN)

2001  Sevilla, Spain (INAVE)

2002  Copenhagen, Denmark (NNF)

2003  Graz, Austria (OVN)

2004  Rotterdam, Netherland (NIN)

2005  Munich, Germany (DGON)


As the European Navigation Conference:

2006  Manchester, UK (RIN)

2007  Geneva, Switzerland (ION-CH)

2008  Toulouse, France (IFN)

2009  Naples, Italy (IIN)

2010  Braunschweig, Germany (DGON)

2011  London, UK (RIN)

2012  Gdansk, Poland (PNF)

2013  Vienna, Austria (OVN)

2014  Rotterdam, Netherland (NIN)

2015  Bordeaux, France (IFN)

2016  Helsinki, Finland (NNF)

2017  Lausanne, Switzerland (ION-CH)

Upcoming conference

2018  Göteborg, Sweden (RNN)

In future years:

Approved by EUGIN Council:

2019 Warsaw, Poland (PNF)

2020 Dresden, Germany (DGON)












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