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According the Articles of Association: EUGIN is a non-profit-making international Association. Its objectives are:

a)      To initiate and support actions assisting in the development of pan European policies and strategies in the general fields of navigation and traffic management;

b)      To participate in study works initiated by the European authorities;

c)       To foster co-operation and information exchange between its Members and any competent authorities or organizations active in the general fields of navigation and traffic management;

d)      To provide information in its field of expertise by organizing conferences and symposia, publishing papers; and participating in various media methods of data dissemination;

e)      To undertake other actions which are related to EUGIN's objectives and which should assist in their realization.


The members of EUGIN are also member of IAIN ( The IAIN has consultative status in IMO, ICAO, IHO, UN-ICG, US-PNT.


EUGIN has regular contacts with officials of the European Commission on the development of a European Radio Navigation Plan (ERNP) similar to the US – FRNP.












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